The story behind Motics.


Meet the team building Motics.

Motics has an all-star team shaping the future of physiotherapy. Learn more about the team below.

Team member 01
Harvinder Power
CEO & Co-Founder

Rose Scholar in Medicine and Bioengineering at Imperial College London.

Team member 02
Salinna Abdullah
CTO & Co-Founder

EPSRC Scholar in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London.

Team member 03
Peter Wilson
CMO & Co-Founder

Foundation Scholar in Business & Economics with Digital Innovation at LSE.

Team member 04
Prof. Alison McGregor

Chair of the Human Performance Group at Imperial College London. Prior physiotherapist.

Team member 05
Dr. Spyros Masouros

Principal Investigator in Biomechanics at Imperial College London.

Team member 01
Simon Male

Prior Venture Capitalist at Oakley Capital.

The story behind Motics.

Motics was born out of a frustration with the current state of physiotherapy. Harvinder's father suffers from sciatica, a condition requiring daily physiotherapy. However, after a poor experience, he failed to keep to his exercises, resulting in a worsening in his pain.

Each of the Motics team has their own experience of the challenges in physiotherapy, and passionately believe in the problem they are poised to solve.

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The Motics Team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will Motics be launching?

    We're on the App Store, download here. Our hardware beta will be launching in a few months. Sign up to our mailing to keep up to date with developments.

  • I'm a physiotherapist - how do I sign up to use Motics?

    You can register your clinic to use Motics at the following link - we'll be in touch once we receive your details! (Register to use Motics)

  • My physiotherapist isn't using Motics, can I still use it?

    Yes! You can use Motics alone without your physiotherapist being able to track your progress. For maximum benefit, we'd suggest encouraging your physiotherapist to register to use Motics.

  • Does using Motics mean that I don't have to see my physiotherapist?

    Not so. We'd suggest using Motics as an adjunct to help you to stay in touch with your physiotherapist, and enable them to tailor your therapy on the fly and track your progress, and enable you to stay in contact with them between appointments.

  • Can I find a physiotherapist on Motics?

    Yes! You can search for specialised physiotherapists for your specific problem. Each will be rated based on customer feedback to allow you to get the best experience in your care.

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