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Our mission is to bring physiotherapy into the digital era. Join us on our journey.

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Making physiotherapy pain free.

Physiotherapy can be difficult, with it being hard to see a physio, or to motivate yourself to keep on top of it. Here's how we can help.

Find A Physio and Appointment Booking

We enable you to find the right physiotherapist for you and book appointments with them through the platform. It helps you to easily access the right help, at the right time for you.

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Video Consultations

We allow you to contact your physiotherapist via video call, and conduct the whole consultation from the comfort of your home. All video calls are encrypted, allowing you to call with peace of mind.

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Recovery Tracking

We can determine how well your muscles are recovering over time, allowing you to see your progress. We also use this to tailor your exercises to optimise your speed of recovery.

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Making physiotherapy work for you.

With our software, we're able to bring the best of physiotherapy to you, in the comfort of your own home.

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Predictive Analytics

Using Machine Learning, we predict exactly when we expect you to recover. It's a game changer in the field, and allows you to get back to life as normal.

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Remote Consultations

With our remote appointment service, you can stay in touch with your physiotherapist in whatever manner works for you. We encrypt all data so your data is yours, and yours alone.

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Chat with a physio

You can directly live-chat with a physiotherapist to ask questions, or get advice on different aspects of your recovery.

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Patient Forum

Expert patients have great tips on managing problems, you can find their advice in our forum along with suggestions from physios.

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Information, made clear.

It can be hard to learn about your injury in a 15 min consultation, with jargon often being used! Our portal answers the most common questions to ensure you know what's happening, every step of the way.

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High-Quality Videos

Our videos show gold-standard technique and form for each movement, demonstrating how best to perform your exercises to alleviate pain and optimise recovery.

Free for patients

We help you to get the physiotherapy you deserve.

No strings attached.

What's included
  • Video consultations
  • Physio-curated exercises
  • Specialist physiotherapy review
  • FindAPhysio Functionality
  • Secure payment portal

Don’t take our word for it

As well as winning multiple awards, we've had amazing feedback from our users and physiotherapists.

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— Motics has helped me to keep on top of my physio which improves my pain. The ease of booking physio appointments means I can easily see my physio when I need to.

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— Motics has helped me to manage my clinics, with my patients being able to do their exercises at home, whilst I can follow their progress. It's been a game-changer to get patients to keep on top of their physiotherapy.

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— It's always been a challenge to get my patients to engage with physiotherapy at home. Motics is well-placed to solve the problem, with a user-friendly approach which my patients enjoy using.

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